“The I am Dr. Fitness team was very professional and unbelievable at their work, I have always had horrible problems with my back and neck and most people I have gone to see (chiropractor’s, acupuncturist’s) have been negative about my condition. They were very encouraging, enthusiastic and positive.”

Andrew Bracker

Corporate Sales Manager

Being a person that lives in pain 24/7, the I am Dr. Fitness team has taught me many techniques on proper stretching and strength building to be able to deal with my injuries. They are professional but with a very personable manner. They CARE about their client’s health and well being, you’re not just a paycheck. On many occasions they have rearranged their schedules at the last minute in order to help me when I could hardly walk. They give that extra push of encouragement in order for you to meet your goals. For this I applaud their attitude and support them 100%.

Greg Wood

Collections Manager

Until I met Max at I am Dr. Fitness I was aimless in my body, mind and spirit goals. Max helped me to find my direction and focus my efforts. Now that I know what I want, I am very intentional about my efforts. This unity of effort brings me toward wholeness. I have particularly appreciated the challenge and encouragement that Max uses in his approach to fitness.

Mr. Jack Logue

Director, Spirituality Center, St. Vince<br />

I am Dr. Fitness has transformed my life. My fitness assessment revealed that I was over weight. But after my 1st session I realized that I had found a professional team of great trainers and superb motivators. The array of techniques used allowed me to address my weight challenge and attitude about healthy living. The I am Dr. Fitness team has given me the tools for lifetime fitness success.

Jeffrey Chartrand

Executive Director Chartrand Foundation<br />

“The I am Dr. Fitness team of trainers has been an amazing addition to my life! When I met them, I weighed almost 270 pounds and my outlook on my health was dismal. As an asthmatic with painful degenerative disk disease in my lower back, I always had problems working out. Now, six months later, I’ve lost 30 pounds and a total of 27 inches off my body. My asthma has improved and my back is getting stronger! I feel better than ever! Thank you, Max and team. I’m looking forward to losing the next 30 pounds!”

Susan Evatte

Technology Project Manager<br />




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