To accomplish this, it’s takes being able to think of your vegetables like the main dish and not a side dish.This is were I see so many of my fellow carnivores fall short.I’ve gotten to the place during the February Vegan challenge, that once a participant sent me a pic of there plate I could determine how successful they would be eating like a vegan. Out of the following pics can you choose the one that’s going to be more successful?

Vegan Challenge participant 1

Vegan Challenge participant 2

If you don’t know how to make vegetables taste like meat as a vegetarian, you might face with something – Your neighbors are giving off a smell of the grilled meat aroma which is spreading over your neighborhood. But that’s not for us, vegetarians.

However, being a non-meat eater obviously, doesn’t mean you are obliged to miss the smell and taste of barbecue. With the help of vegetarian meat like recipes, you can just taste the same flavor. The key is to remember to treat your vegetables like a main dish and not a side dish. Look at the pictures from people on the February eat like a Vegan Challenge. Are you thinking main dish or side dish?

Main Dish or Side Dish?

Main Dish or Side Dish?

Here Are Some Useful Techniques on How to Make Vegetables Taste Like meat

There are some significant ways to enhance your veggies’ taste which will make even your carnivore neighbor envy you and beg to learn how you do it.

Learn how to handle veggies like meat

The basic secret to having a taste of awesome vegetables is to handle them like meat, even though some committed vegetarians are against this idea. As you can admit as well, meat has been the priority for humans’ diet, but now we are changing this state of affairs.

Dry-rub with spices:

Vegetables can handle strong, assertive spices. Mix up a harissa spice mix, use some za’atarans, grab a barbecue powder, and rub it into whole heirloom carrots, cauliflower chunks, slabs of zucchini, and mushrooms.


Potentially meat like vegetables absorb flavors beautifully. If marinated ahead of time, you’ll have no work to prepare them for the table post-cooking. Leaving them a two-hour marinade in spices, lemon, and coriander, followed by a hot sear in the oven and is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten.


Not a technique that one usually can associate with vegetables, brining can soften the tough center of vegetables that may ordinarily take too long to cook on the grill, such as radishes, beets, cabbage, and carrots. A brine of rice vinegar, sugar, salt, and aromatics infuses veg with character while jump-starting the cooking process.

Grill or smoke:

To make meat like vegetables, grill them indirectly at low heat over charcoal and wood chips for a glorious smoky flavor. Potatoes, celery root, broccoli, fennel, and carrots are especially good for this. A halved head of Romaine is particularly delectable on the grill, served as a Caesar salad afterward. If pressed for time, forego the woodchips and grill as usual with plenty of olive oil and salt.

Eat plain, sandwiched between soft bread, or turn into a salad by chopping and drizzling with balsamic and more olive oil. A handful of feta and nuts takes it to the next level.

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