Why should I choose Fitness Pursuits? We can help you achieve health and fitness results you haven’t been able to get on your own.
What does your company provide that others don't? Your unique fitness goals are our priority. We deliver fitness services to our clients, at times and locations that are convenient.
How much weight can I realistically expect to lose with your program? It will depend on your level of commitment to your fitness program. 90% of our clients reach their fitness goals.
How can you charge so little and provide such a great service? We keep our overhead low and pass the saving directly to our clients.
How will I benefit from working with a personal trainer? You will have a balanced fitness program, accountability and motivation to ensure consistent progress.

Are you making mistakes when you exercise that make your workout ineffective? Or worst yet, are you doing things that could lead to costly injuries? Whether your a veteran or novice at exercising you need to be sure you’re getting the best workout possible.

What kind of results can I expect? Approx 90% of our program participants have successfully reached their health and fitness goals.
How do I know which program is right for me? Your fitness assessment and goals discussion will be used to determine your program.
Where will I meet with my trainer? At your home, office or gym where ever is convenient for you. We bring the train
I don’t like working out, but I really want to lose weight, what can I do? Get a fitness assessment and let us customize a unique training program that meets your specific needs.
Every day I wake up with low back pain and soreness, will resistance training aggravate my back? Our trainers are qualified to work with people with low back and soreness…after they have been cleared by medical professional.
Will I have an initial fitness assessment? Yes, all clients have initial fitness assessment.
How many times a week will I work out? This will be determined by initial assessment and goals discussion.
Can they provide nutritional advice? We have nutritionist partners.
Can they provide programs for when I'm on holiday? Yes!
Are they available at the times I need? Hours of operation from 5am to 10pm
How flexible are they with regard to changing appointment times? Very flexible with 24 hour notice
Can they come to my home? Yes
Do they have portable equipment? Yes
Do I need to have equipment if I am going to be working with a trainer in my home? No equipment is necessary to begin.
Are all of your personal trainers certified? Insured? Yes
Can I pay for a block of sessions at a reduced rate? Yes
Do you offer gift certificates? Yes, Please email us for details.
How do I get started? Fill out getting started forms and schedule your initial fitness assessment.

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