Struggling with how to start a Corporate Wellness/Fitness Program? Have a company wellness solution with low participation? Starting a fitness center, or a group exercise program at your worksite, need assistance? Employees need some one-on-one personal training/consultation or fitness evaluations? We can assist you by developing these programs and more, or hire us as a consultant. We can also give a wide variety of Wellness Presentations/Lectures or programs to your staff that fit your needs and interests.
Health care costs escalating, absenteeism increasing, employee stress levels increasing? Are you ready to take an active approach to these challenges? If yes, a solid Wellness Program that your employees participate in is a must. A healthy employee is a more productive & happy. Other benefits of a structured corporate wellness/fitness program include:

• Improved Recruitment/Retention
• Improved Employee Morale
• Lower stress levels among employees
• Reduced Health Care Costs
• Lower Employee Absenteeism
• Improved productivity

Money you spend up front on corporate wellness will multiply back into your company many times over.

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Our wellness programs and services range from promoting employee awareness of health and wellness issues to teaching classes designed to change behavior. We can assist or arrange health screenings on site, feature national events such as the Great American Smoke out, and can organize a health fair to generate interest in other health and fitness programs.

To help people change their behavior, we offer classes, seminars, and clinics to start a fitness program, or lose weight, for example.
If you want to run your own corporate wellness program, we can provide you with ideas and assistance as needed.


Typically, fitness centers factor prominently into a package of benefits aimed to attract professional staffing. The fitness center, while contributing significantly in the mission of company operations, actually serves to complete the image of a well rounded employer community. Therefore, many companies consider it is just as important to put a strong effort into the development and upkeep of a fitness program as it is to invest in the other highly-valued benefit packages.

Some of the benefits, of a I am Dr. Fitness, Inc. Wellness Center program, that can be realized by your companies’ staff are outlined below:

Improved Employee Satisfaction: Providing a means for the employees to use the equipment properly, participate in group classes and access after hours fitness support would be a truly unique amenity. Improving consistency, decreasing injuries and creating a healthy social environment will increase employee satisfaction.

Increased Employee Retention: Creating an environment where employees believe they are valued is key to retention. Investing in your employee’s health by providing a professional personal training staff and a community in which they can build meaningful relationships with other employees may help increase retention.

More Attractive Benefit Package: Additional amenities, especially those relating to health and fitness, have the potential to increase staffing. Often companies offer a fitness center, but no expertise to supplement the center. Showing potential applicants how you, the employer is interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle, especially with a well-rounded program such as that offered by I am Dr. Fitness, Inc., is a positive addition to the benefit package.

Manageable Health and Fitness Program: I am Dr. Fitness, Inc. offers a one-stop, reliable, flexible and professional health and fitness solution to your staff.
Our team is unlike any other Jacksonville-based personal training company in that we deliver a wide range of physical and mental training services in a structured, yet flexible and compassionate manner.

Not only can the trainers travel to the employees for private appointments, but they bring with them a customized, fun and effective training program at the center customized to your companies’ staff’s wants and needs. Fitness training is available in the form of traditional aerobics and strength training, whereas stress management and nutrition will also be addressed.


More and more corporations are acknowledging the direct relationship between employee wellness and worker performance. Nevertheless, grueling schedules, long work days and time constraints prevent many people in the business world from engaging in a well-rounded, challenging, and consistent workout routine. After a hard day at the office, the last thing many people want to do is drag themselves to the gym – even the company gym!

I am Dr. Fitness Boot Camp’s corporate programs go way beyond the gym – and represent an ideal alternative for companies who take the well-being of their employees seriously.

Designed by and for business professionals, our corporate programs are geared toward those who want to minimize time away from work and personal commitments, maximize their fitness level and make a genuine investment in their health.
We offer two boot camps for companies:

I am Dr. Fitness Corporate Boot Camp program includes:
• Personalized fitness assessments to monitor individual fitness goals on an ongoing basis (e.g. losing weight, building muscle tone, and/or increasing strength and endurance)
• Team building exercises that promote unity and create a fun, supportive workout environment
• Expert coaching by certified personal trainers and experienced fitness professionals
• On-site, customized outdoor workouts designed to challenge people of all fitness levels
• 3, 4, or 5 day per week sessions – AM or PM meeting times

7 Day Residential Boot Camp program includes:
Participants will learn about exercise, nutrition and how to prepare fast easy healthy meals. This is a natural program no drugs, alcohol or caffeine involved.
Smoking and cell phone use is discouraged. Expert coaching by certified personal trainers, experienced fitness professionals and life coaches.
Sample Day: Up at dawn, beginning the day with hours of stretching, meditation, cardio and core training.
Team building exercises in a safe supportive environment that promotes understanding, acceptance, and unity.

Enjoy miles of hiking on beautiful beaches and through peaceful nature preserves. Experience tasty chef prepared healthy dinners, made with the finest quality produce. (Vegetarian meal plan available) Soothing massage with licensed massage therapist and special exercise recovery sessions. Camp schedule runs from Sunday 3pm check in through Saturday noon check out.

Besides helping participant’s look and feel their best, I am Dr. Fitness Boot Camp corporate programs build camaraderie, promote a sustained commitment to fitness, and give employees the tools they need to live and work in balance.



We design your program based on your needs. First, we determine where your health care dollars are being spent. Then we identify high-risk groups among your employees.

Finally, we identify specific objectives for your program.
Generally, our wellness programs include the following content:

  • Health promotion
  • Personal Fitness Evaluations
  • Health education and Nutrition
  • Fitness needs, programs, classes, and
  • educational seminars
  • Motivational Techniques

These programs are delivered in a variety of formats. Here are a few examples:
We can create materials to increase employee awareness of health issues newsletters, posters, bulletin boards, for example.
We offer “brown-bag” sessions taught by qualified health professionals on topics like stress management, weight loss, fitness, and nutrition.
Our certified instructors teach group exercise classes such as aerobics, yoga, balance and core training, flexibility, self defense, hip hop dance, and overall strength conditioning.


We can manage all facets of your wellness program or assist your own in house personnel wherever it’s located- at your headquarters or at separate facilities. We consider it our job to take care of all the details of day-to-day administration and, as you know, this can mean a lot. The specifics for your corporation will, of course, reflect your unique wellness program.

Here are some options:

  • We can provide a schedule of classes, seminars and events, register those who attend, and track participation.
  • We can assist you in design and equipment purchase for your own corporate fitness center.
  • We can arrange for fitness evaluations and health screenings for your employees.
  • Conduct weekly or monthly training classes on a variety of topics including marathon training, walking groups, biking groups, etc.

Our Fitness Pursuits Coaching team is both skilled at and experienced in designing and implementing corporate wellness programs. Our key team members have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all activities- from preparing a newsletter to teaching seminars and classes that are right for your employees and that we remain sensitive to special needs.

Our Fitness Pursuits Coaching instructional team includes certified fitness instructors and health professionals we provide specially-trained contract personnel who work for you on-site but who are on our payroll. These can include personal trainers, massage therapists, and administrative support personnel.




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