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My mission is to be your trusted fitness advocate. Introducing you to the best fitness, health, nutrition professionals and programs available. My goal is to develop Informed, self-reliant and motivated fitness enthusiasts. My passion is to support people so that they feel their best.

Full-Service Wellness Referral Firm:

  •  Individualized fitness assessment, which is crucial for creating the correct plan for you

  •  Strength exercises to help prevent or recover from injuries and health challenges
  •  Nutritional education, and  eating recommendations to maximize your results

  • Programs to safely reduce unwanted abdominal fat and improve your energy

  •  Extensive class options to tone different parts of the body

  •  Recommended products from our store to help you reach your fitness goal.

  • Community Service Health and Fitness Activities


Body Sculpting information:

Your beautifully sculpted body is the result of proper training and nutrition. Dr. Fitness will assess you and recommend the best of all disciplines to sculpt your body and train your muscles to move efficiently. The training and nutrition modalities chosen are based on your functional needs and emotional requirements. They can include yoga, t’ai chi, Pilates, kickboxing, traditional weight training movements, and sports specific movements — all carefully orchestrated and specially selected for you.

IS A Corporate Wellness Program for you?

Struggling with how to start a Corporate Wellness/Fitness Program? Have a company wellness solution with low participation? Starting a fitness center, or a group exercise program at your worksite, need assistance? Do employees need some one-on-one personal training/consultation or fitness evaluations? We can assist you in developing these programs and consulting with your team. We can also give a wide variety of Wellness Presentations/Lectures or programs that fit your needs.

Health care costs escalating, absenteeism increasing, employee stress levels increasing? Are you ready to take an active approach to these challenges? If yes, a solid Wellness Program that your employees participate in is a must. A healthy employee is more productive & happy. Other benefits of a structured corporate wellness/fitness program include:

Improved Recruitment/Retention
Improved Employee Morale
Lower stress levels among employees
Reduced Health Care Costs
Lower Employee Absenteeism
Improved productivity

The money you spend up front on corporate wellness will multiply back into your company many times over.


Why should I choose I am Dr. Fitness?

We can help you achieve health and fitness results you haven’t been able to get on your own.

What does your company provide that others don't?

Your unique fitness goals are our priority. We deliver fitness services to our clients, at times and locations that are convenient.

How much weight can I realistically expect to lose with your program?

It will depend on your level of commitment to your fitness program. 90% of our clients reach their fitness goals.


Typically, fitness centers factor prominently into a package of benefits aimed to attract professional staffing. The fitness center, while contributing significantly in the mission of company operations, actually serves to complete the image of a well rounded employer community.


We design your program based on your needs. First, we determine where your health care dollars are being spent. Then we identify high-risk groups among your employees.


More and more corporations are acknowledging the direct relationship between employee wellness and worker performance. Nevertheless, grueling schedules, long work days and time constraints prevent many people in the business world from engaging in a well-rounded, challenging, and consistent workout routine.


“The I am Dr. Fitness team was very professional and unbelievable at their work, I have always had horrible problems with my back and neck and most people I have gone to see (chiropractor’s, acupuncturist’s) have been negative about my condition. They were very encouraging, enthusiastic and positive.”

Andrew Bracker

Corporate Sales Manager

I am Dr. Fitness has transformed my life. My fitness assessment revealed that I was over weight. But after my 1st session I realized that I had found a professional team of great trainers and superb motivators. The array of techniques used allowed me to address my weight challenge and attitude about healthy living. The I am Dr. Fitness team has given me the tools for lifetime fitness success.

Jeffrey Chartrand

Executive Director Chartrand Foundation




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